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Law firm is established in Mommouth County NJ Divorce and is knowledgeable in all aspects of family law. Striving to accomplish a guarantee that each process will be as streamlined and as painless as possible for all our clients.

Our attorneys utilize a proven strategy to achieve results for their clients. Always working diligently to resolve legal disputes in an efficient and positive manner.

Willingness and effort by allowing the time to sit with you, get to know you, your spouse, as well as your children, so we can come up with the best possible option that’s beneficial for all parties involved.

In addition, we pride ourselves in putting our clients first and foremost, as we consider your wants and needs before anything else.

Senoff & Enis Family Law Firm

Our Attorney’s IRA SENOFF, ESQ. Bio Coming soon!  Ira M. Senoff, esq. STEVEN R. ENIS, ESQ. BACKGROUND Steven R. Enis is a partner in the firm of Senoff & Enis.  Prior to forming that firm, he was a partner in the firm of Tonneman, Vuotto, Enis & White, LLC after spending 12 years in the […]

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Middlesex County NJ Divorce Lawyer

The professional family law firm of Senoff & Enis Family Law Firm is dedicated to helping couples work through their divorce. As a law firm, we are dedicated to helping clients with our wealth of experience and knowledge. Allow us to provide you with dedication and commitment to ensure you never settle for anything beneath what you deserve. Our Attorney’s

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